South African artist Deodanda Pretorius is a full-time oil painter and fine art instructor and resides in Durbanville, Cape Town.  She considers herself an expressive naturalist painter and focuses on floral and still life works, cattle character studies and South African landscape scenes using oil paints and dry media such as pastel, charcoal, and graphite. Her landscapes are inspired by the local farms and their surroundings but are usually devoid of human presence to reveal the raw beauty of the land.  Her still lifes and floral works serve as a reminder that time is fleeting, whilst through her cattle studies she brings awareness towards the beauty of an ordinary farm animal.

"All any man can do, is add his fragment to the whole. 
No man can be final, but he can record his progress.....

What he leaves is so much for others to use as stones to step on, 
or stones to avoid.

After all, the goal is not making art.
It is living a life. 

Those who live their lives
will leave the stuff that is really art."

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit